General Purpose, Cost-Effective Oxygen Analyser

EC2000 series is the entry level of O2 product range for the measurement of Oxygen in % range. Nevertheless, the cell has long operative life and high immunity to the presence of CO2, H2, HC and many other gases in the background.

Simple and reliable solution to measure O2 in both safe and hazardous area (ATEX) Zone 1 / Zone 21

Measureable Gas

Oxygen [O2]

Main Features

Cost-Effective Solution

  • Low cost and excellent performance for this kind of instruments
  • Fast response time
  • Long lasting cell with high immunity to the presence of high quantities of CO2, H2, HC and others into the background


Very Easy to Use

  • Digital read out with high-resolution 3½ digits display in mobile virgule
  • Two alarms with field selectable threshold
  • Front adjusting for easy calibration and settings


 Easy Maintenance

  • Very easy plug-in replaceable cell
  • Easy calibrating by trimmers on front panel


European Compliance

  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU
  • Directive ATEX 2014/34/EU




ATEX certification for Zone 1 / Zone 21 with protection mode:


II 2 G Ex d IIC T6 Gb

II 2 D Ex tb IIIC T85°C Db IP65


Accuracy:± 1% of span at calibration point
Resolution:0.01% O2 below 10.00% O2.
Stability:± 1% of span
Cell Life:More than 2 years in air
Display:3 ½ digits LCD display with14 mm high characters and mobile virgule
Output:4-20 mA isolated proportional to 100% of range on maximum load of 500 Ω.
Alarms:2 alarms with SPDT contact ratings: 50 Vdc / 250 Vac; 0,5-4 A, 60 W / 1000 VA
Sample Flow Rate0 ÷ 5000 cc/min. with vent to atmospheric pressure (typical 1000 cc/min.)
Sample Pressureprovide sufficient flow pressure to let the sample circulate at the indicated flow rate without restrictions to vent
Operative Temperature0 ÷ +45°C
Storage Temperature0 ÷ +45°C
Relative Humidity90% max.
Power Requirements220 / 110 Vac; 50/60 Hz; 10 VA - 24 Vdc, 5 W
Wiring ConnectionsCustomer terminal board on back panel
Pneumatic ConnectionsIn / Out 1/8” NPT-F
Wetted PartsAnticorodal flow chamber connections
Weightabout 1 kg.
DimensionsMax.: 96 x 96 x 163 mm (+ 30 mm)
Cut out: 90 x 90 mmCut out: 90 x 90 mm



Gas mixers

Nitrogen generators

Biogas and landfill gas


Gas production industry


Air separation plants

Chemical industry

…. and many others

Sampling System

The EC2000 needs an external sampling system able to deliver an almost clean sample gas to the analyser at the proper temperature, pressure and flow rate.

ADEV has a wide experience in process and can provide the EC2000 analyser combined with a sample and condition system designed for the specific application requirements. Contact ADEV for details.

Measuring Principle

The sensors are specific for Oxygen. They measure the partial pressure of Oxygen from low ppm to 100% levels in inert gases, gaseous hydrocarbons, helium, hydrogen, mixed gases, acid gas streams and ambient air.

Oxygen, the fuel for this electrochemical transducer, diffusing into the sensor reacts chemically at the sensing electrode to produce an electrical current output proportional to the Oxygen concentration in the gas phase. The sensor’s signal output is linear over all ranges and remains virtually constant over its useful life.