Oxygen Transmitter for measurement in trace and %

EC300 is ADEV cost effective solution to measure Oxygen in ppm and % in a great variety of applications in safe area. The sensing elements are high performance electrochemical sensors, unaffected by most of background gases.


Measureable Gas

Oxygen [O2]

Main Features

2 Range menu (auto-ranging or manual selection)


0-10 ppm O2

0-100 ppm O2

0-1000 ppm O2                  

0-1% O2

0-25% O2


0-1% O2

0-5% O2

0-10% O2

0-25% O2

0-100% O2

4 Different cells

  • A59014 – Standard ppm sensor
  • A59013 – Acid-stream ppm sensor
  • A59021 – Standard percent sensor
  • A59022 – Acid-stream percent sensor


High Performances

  • High Accuracy Galvanic Sensor
  • Measure O2 from 0.1 ppm to 100%
  • Two-wire, loop powered 4-20 mA Transmitter
  • User Friendly Interface
  • LCD Display with Auto-Range
  • Low Maintenance
  • Span & Zero Calibration


European Compliance

  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU


Accuracy / Repeatability:± 1% of span at calibration point
± 2% of span on 0-10 ppm O2 range
Sensitivity:± 0.5% of full scale
Linearization:± 2% of span
Resolution:0.01 ppm on 0-10 ppm range
Compensation:Integrated (temperature)
Flow Sensitivity:None between 500-1000 cc/min.
Pressure:Vent to atmosphere
Atmospheric pressure effect:± 0.13% of reading per mmHg.
Cell life:17 ÷ 24 months at 25°C, 1 atm.
Response Time:90% of final FS reading: 10 sec.
Recovery time:If cell is exposed for 60 sec. in Air, it is necessary 1 hour of N2 purging to reach < 10 ppm O2
Display:Large backlit graphic LCD display with visualization in auto-range
Output:4-20 mA proportional to the selected range (two-wires)
Operative Temperature:0 ÷ +50°C
Storage Temperature:0 ÷ +50°C
Relative Humidity:90% max.
Power Requirements:12 ÷ 28 VDC two-wire loop power; max current: 25 mA
Wiring Connections:N°1 cable gland for 4-8 mm cable
Pneumatic Connections:In / Out 1/8” NPT-F F (optional 1/8” tube fittings)
Wetted Parts:Stainless Steel 316
Weight:about 0,8 kg


Trace O2 in pure gas

Natural gas & Biogas

Air separators

Nitrogen & Hydrogen Generators

Semiconductor wafer Machines

Steel & Metal processing

Reducing processes

Welding gas

Sampling System

ADEV has a wide experience in process and can provide the EC300 transmitter combined with a sample and condition system designed for the specific application requirements. Contact ADEV for details.

Measuring Principle

The sensors are specific for Oxygen. They measure the partial pressure of Oxygen from low ppm to 100% levels in inert gases, gaseous hydrocarbons, helium, hydrogen, mixed gases, acid gas streams and ambient air.

Oxygen, the fuel for this electrochemical transducer, diffusing into the sensor reacts chemically at the sensing electrode to produce an electrical current output proportional to the Oxygen concentration in the gas phase. The sensor’s signal output is linear over all ranges and remains virtually constant over its useful life.