UV Spectrometry Analyser

Ozzo-3 analyser adopts ultraviolet spectrometry principle and, combined with advanced microprocessor technology, it provides accurate and reliable detection of Ozone at ppb and ppm level to meet the requirement of ambient gas monitoring.

Measureable Gas



Ozone [O3]


Main Features

High Measurement Accuracy

  • The minimum detection limit down to ppb levels
  • Continuous self-checking with alarm function
  • Compensation function for temperature and pressure
  • Self-checking for intensity decaying of light source


High Reliability

  • Ultraviolet spectrometry principle
  • 19” standard 4U panel chassis, modular design, easy integration with other instrument
  • Main gas circuit component include: sampling diaphragm pump, flow plug, pressure sensor, flow sensor, three-way solenoid valve etc.
  • Response time optimized by signal filter technology of self-adaption



  • Bidirectional RS232 port for remote control
  • USB and Ethernet interface
  • Large memory and history data saved automatically
  • Digital output working parameter


European Compliance

  • Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
  • EMC Directive 2014/30/EU

Technical Specifications

Measuring PrincipleUV spectroscopy
Measurement Range0-500 ppb…..0-50 ppm customizable (can be switched by menu)
Unitppb, ppm, µg/m3, mg/m3
Lower detection limit≤ 0.4 ppb
Zero Noise≤ 2. ppb
Span noise≤ 2.5 ppb
Accuracy≤ ±1% FS
Repeatability≤ ±1% FS
Linearity≤ ±1% FS
Zero Drift0.5 ppb (24 h); 1 ppb (7 days)
Span Drift≤ ±1% FS (24 h); ≤ ±1% FS (7 days)
Long term zero drift±1 ppb (7 days)
Long term span drift±1% FS (7 days)
Calibration Cycle1 time / week suggested
Enclosure RatingIP54
Response Time≤ 20 sec. at T90
Analog Output4 x 4-20 mA isolated (max. load 750 Ω)
Digital OutputRS232 / Ethernet / USB (RS485 available)
Relay Output8 x (24V, 1A)
Sample Gas Flow800 ± 10% cc/min.
Sample Gas InterfaceØ6 Bi-lok (or Ø1/4”, PTFE material)
Power Supply200 ÷ 240 V, 50/60 Hz., 200W
Ambient Temperature+5°C….+40°C
Ambient Humidity0 ÷ 95% RH non-condensing
Outline Dimensions178(H) x 432(W) x 613(D) mm
Weight~ 15 Kg.


Air quality monitoring

Measuring Principle

UV absorption Ozone analyser is developed based on Beer-Lambert technology, It is applied to monitor concentrations O3 in ambient air. 254 mm UV light passes through sample cell and absorbed by ozone inside it. Absorption value has certain ration with O3 concentration.


By cyclically alternating of magnetic valve and measuring sample gas and the sample without O3, the true and reliable measured concentration of Ozone is obtained at last. This analyser can completely control all functions and also provide online instruction for important work parameters. Real time auto compensation for temperature and pressure will be made during measurement.