35th ADEV Anniversary


26th July 2020

This is a special day for us, and we are pleased to celebrate and share this occasion with you. Today marks the 35th anniversary of our company, and we want to address a thought to those who took part in its history.

It’s been 35 years of targeted goals, choices and sometimes daring changes; 35 years of constant commitment but also great satisfaction.

It has been mainly a team-job. We couldn’t have reached such a great result alone, without the indispensable collaboration of the ones who day-by-day are committed to working with us and for us.

Firstly, our heartfelt thanks goes to all of ADEVs collaborators’. All the employees and personnel have achieved this important success with passionate dedication and enthusiasm for the work and the company. Your attachment to ADEV and your spirit of collaboration are inestimable.

I dedicate a special thanks to all of our partners and suppliers. If we achieved this great result, is also thank to your precious contribution and your tight cooperation.

We also wanted to thank all of our customers for choosing and trusting us. We often find good friends and valuable partners in our customers. With your support, you allowed us to celebrate this 35th anniversary and I’m sure that you’ll still rely on us for your business necessities.

Thank you!